We are excited to announce the second induction of teachers into the Cadre of Distinguished Educators. Congratulations to:

  • Tracy Branscomb, Positive Behavior Support Intervention Specialist, Early Childhood
  • Andy Dupont, 6th grade science/social studies, Ron Russell Middle School
  • Val Ellet, general music, Gilbert Park Elementary School
  • Joelle Flegal, kindergarten, Menlo Park Elementary School
  • Sarah Frumkin, Title 1, Lincoln Park Elementary School
  • Sarah Hunt, counselor, David Douglas High School
  • Andrew Locke, special education and reading intervention, Floyd Light Middle School
  • Sarah O’Rourke, special education and reading intervention, Ron Russell Middle School
  • Julie Savage, Title 1 and Read 180, Floyd Light Middle School

These 9 educators completed a highly reflective application, a team of educators visited their classrooms, and they participated in an interview. Moving into 2016 – 17, these educators will pilot shared leadership opportunities to support student growth. Some of these CODE inductees will join the CODE Advisory Council. The council meets regularly to engage in conversations with each other about our school district. They also meet with district leaders to ask critical questions, create shared understanding, and talk about how to improve student learning.

To learn more about CODE, contact the CODE Coordinator at career_paths@ddouglas.k12.or.us or check out the informational page on our website.