Educator leadership has the power to transform student learning. It puts the power of the teaching profession exactly where it should be — in the hands of educators working with students. As effective leaders, educators can help transform student growth, elevate their fellow professionals, and provide leadership all with the aim of raising student growth and making a difference in the lives of each individual child.

The Cadre of Distinguished Educators offers the David Douglas School District the opportunity to identify, elevate and develop the capacity of the highly diverse, talented and exceptional educators throughout our P-20 system.

Guiding Principles:

We believe that we attract, support and retain highly effective and diverse staff members by:

  • Providing ongoing growth opportunities so educators are continually supported throughout their career;
  • Seeking expertise within existing staff;
  • And promoting the teaching profession within our own district.

We believe that career paths:

  • Help foster a passion to keep educating alive;
  • Tap into the existing pool of experts;
  • Allow for leadership to emerge naturally;
  • Provide opportunities to satisfy the needs of the professional;
  • And that could include instructional coaches, leaders in specific skills, and other leadership opportunities.